1. Get your Membership Card


Sign up for your Guardian Association Members card through this site, each card offers you yearly savings, at all participating companies, every time you use your card! All companies are bound to offer you a savings or extra service, Guaranteed. Any companies not satisfying their end of the bargain will lose their membership status.

You have several options while getting your card, 1, 2, or 3 year membership plans. The Guardian Association card makes a great gift for any occasion.


2. Search For Local Companies

Finding savings is easy with the Guardian Association website, and mobile friendly website. Select your city, select your service category, and get a full list of all participating companies. On-site Geo-location functionality even gives you automatic results from your local area within 0-100 miles, but you’re not limited to that. You can use your card anywhere it’s accepted.

Each company listing breaks down the company with a description, contact info, and images and videos when applicable

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3. Use the card and SAVE

save with guardian associationOnce you get your card, bring it with you to any participating company and show the card to the cashier. They will explain to you what your discount or extra service is. Claim your savings, that’s it. If not listed and you’re curious, feel free to contact the company beforehand to inquire. We plan on updating all on-site savings information for each company shortly.

Enjoy savings all year long.