Vernissage/Photographic Exhibition (Bianca Morello Portraits)

Bianca Morello Portrait Photographer

Galerie Gora, a commercial contemporary art gallery, located in the heart of downtown Montreal, is hosting a portrait photography exhibition showcasing the photographic works of Montreal professional portrait photographer Bianca Morello. A beautiful, creative, avant-garde, fantasy portrait series of children ages 2-10 embodying the beloved characters of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

Bianca and her team of incredible creatives have come together as one, in order to realise this portrait series with one of a kind hand made costumes, hand sculpted hair styles and creative makeup that you will want to see up close for the full experience.

“It has literally been a labour of love for all of us involved, that really pushed us all creatively, along with amazing little child models who had their patience tested by me and did amazing during long hours of creative prep!”

Wine, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and cookies will be served.

Adults and children are welcome to the gallery on Saturday, December 2nd from 2pm to 5pm.

The exhibit will be on display at the gallery and open daily from November 28th through to December 23rd. All are welcome and a great day out with the kids!

Please share this event with anyone you think would be interested!

I appreciate all your support and I look forward to seeing and meeting you all on December 2nd!

See The Event Here